Other Technologies

We have extensive skill sets accessible in JavaScript Libraries, jQuery, jQuery UI, Moment.js and Bootstrap. We deal with web application frameworks like AngularJS as well as Ruby on Rails with languages and platforms comprising JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Ruby.

We use and have expertise in databases like MySQL, text/code editors like Notepad++. We have unique specializations in open source tools like ECLIPSE, PHPMYADMIN, FIREFOX WEB DEVELOPER TOOLBAR, Drupal and Joomla.

Diverse Technologies and Platforms

There are plentiful technologies and CMS platforms which are trendy and companies get baffled when choosing the precise CMS for their requirements. After all, more than a few other immense content management systems or technologies are present that could do a superior job in certain scenarios where other well-known technologies fail to deliver the required results.

Every platform or technology has its own pros and cons. So, we also provide consulting services on modern-day technologies to assist our clients to achieve their business goals with the right mix of technologies and frond end functionalities. We not only provide traditional software development outsourcing services or solutions in present-day CMS like WordPress or Magento but we also build customized solutions for our clients to fulfil their tailored requirements.

Let’s Discuss Your CMS Requirements