MongoDB - A Highly Sophisticated Database System for Intelligent Applications

MongoDB is smartly enhanced to enable complex and diverse analytical applications for unique and multifarious purposes.

It is an innovatory document database system that stores data in JSON-like documents.

MongoDB holds data in a much more advanced manner than the conventional row/column database models.

Superior JSON Documents

MongoDB captures and stores data as documents. These documents are seamlessly stored in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. The JSON documents back and support embedded fields with lists of data stored that are categorized and interlinked for sharp and pocus analyses.  They are formatted in the form of name or value pairs instead of conventional tables of rows and columns.


  • Is the most productive and eclectic approach to work with data sets
  • Backs nested objects and arrays in the form of values
  • Allows multi, supple and dynamic schemas

Authoritative Query Language

  • MongoDB is a superior and expressive query language, which enables filtering and sorting data through any of the required fields; it does not matter how nested it is in a given document.
  • Backs aggregations and advanced use cases, including graph search, geo-based search, and text search.
  • Facilitates queries that are in the form of JSON and which are effortless to compose.
  • Rejects need for combining or concatenating strings for dynamically creating SQL queries.

Influence and Control of a Relational Database

  • MongoDB enables distributed multi-document ACID transactions through snapshot isolation
  • Facilitates two sorts of relationships which comprises reference and embedded
  • It supports and backs required joints present in queries

MongoDB Atlas: The Cloud-Based Database

MongoDB Atlas is the universal cloud database for present applications that are scattered and safe by default. It is accessible as a completely managed service right on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Why MongoDB?

  • Completely automated, scalable and handles complex clusters
  • Builds distributed clusters that offer low-latency write and read data access
  • Ensures data is supported and backed by maintenance policies and tailored schedules
  • Enables monitoring, timely alerts, serverless triggers
  • Guarantees higher-level security
  • Offers enterprise-grade functions to blend security protocols and compliance benchmarks

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